RFC Mongolia 2019

The Rainforest Challenge is the world famous and one of the toughest races in Malaysia organized by its founder Luis Wee. It created in 1997, in Malaysia, is now the world's most internationally represented 4x4 off-road event, with participants and media from over 30 countries joining the adventure every year. There are currently 45 RFC Global Series franchise events around the world.

The hottest, toughest and most anticipated 4x4 motorsports races in RFC format took place with RFC MONGOLIA.

The 1st RFC MNG event coincides with the 2,228th Anniversary of the Mongolian First Statehood, 813th Anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire & the 98th Anniversary of the Mongolian People’s Revolution!

It is open to any car, and any brand. It has to have a fast winch, optimal gearing, and combined on-road and off-road ability.


The format of the event is special stages limited by 15 minutes and requiring strenuous efforts from the whole crew. Everything is important: driver skills, engine power, speed of the winch and durability of the vehicle. 

The tracks are laid through mud and sand, mountain springs and rivers, with significant variations in height.

Being panicky and negative won’t help, instead, stay cool, display good sportsmanship and make friends is the way moving forward. 

The event took place 20-26 July and the campsites were in scenic locations of Central province, Mongolia.

Congratulations to the all teams, could finish their tracks and Russian team, number 130, won the RFC Mongolia championship.


Thanks to Luis Wee, Mongolian Off Road Federation (MOF) for bringing to Mongolia the Rainforest Challenge racing format, sponsors and all participants. You all have helped to put Mongolia into the world map of RFC Global Series.